Virtual Rescue Force


Virtual Rescue Force❞ an online based rescue force which works through social medias in co-ordination with many friends and acquaintances across the globe to save and rescue people from natural calamities anywhere in the world with most possible resources has been launched by ELCE Medical Foundation during our 2nd year anniversary.

Chennai Flood Relief Force a rescue force that was created by the same organization has now been upgraded as Virtual Rescue Force to cross beyond limitations and reaching anyone who is at danger is the aim behind this Force.

Chennai Flood Relief Force is a Whats up group created by Elce Medical Foundation’s Founder Trustee Dr. Vidhya Rajan with 100 members in it around the world coordinated and worked together in many rescues and post flood rehabilitation during and after Chennai rains and flood in the beginning of December 2015.

In this VRF through network anybody can access the available databases, volunteer resources, emergency rescue operations assistance, basic trainings on Life Support, Water, fire, earthquake disasters management from the Virtual Rescue Force Team Experts. There is facebook page created with the above name can be viewed by anyone and they can be a volunteer, provider, resource person. Trainer or victim. This Virtual rescue force is a connecting platform between the resources, volunteers and Victims. Through this its expected that technology can b used very effectively during disasters by uniting the youth power.