Virtual Rescue Force


Virtual Rescue Force❞ an online based rescue force which works through social medias in co-ordination with many friends and acquaintances across the globe to save and rescue people from natural calamities anywhere in the world with most possible resources has been launched by ELCE Medical Foundation during our 2nd year anniversary.

Chennai Flood Relief Force a rescue force that was created by the same organization has now been upgraded as Virtual Rescue Force to cross beyond limitations and reaching anyone who is at danger is the aim behind this Force.


Kerala Flood Relief

Dear team! Our neighbour is in badly need of support and helping hand now. Kerala is badly flooded. Sai Sanjeevani Charitable Trust has launched an emergency appeal to all for helping thousands of families affected by the floods and heavy rains in different parts of Kerala. The state is battling through one of the worst […]

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Kanyakumari Flood Relief

Dear team! It’s time to support kanyakumari which is very badly shattered by flood. Still many villages are under the water and the people are in rescue camps. Let our prayers and supports help them to start their life back. As per the information from DRO and Tahsildar of Killiyur they are expected to be […]

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VRF hands for tribal families

VRF’s hands for tribal families of Chengalpattu, Madhuranthagam.   Hats off to Mr Shanthakumar for shouldering the task and accomplished it.  

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Formation of VRF

Hi welcome all inmates of VRF. Virtual Rescue Force is formed with the intention of having active members globally to help the victims of unexpected crisis and calamities through the united network of resources, volunteers and experts of management. U can add your active friends interested in global welfare to VRF. Launch of VRF at […]

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Power of unity

A day when country realising the power of unity!! A day which unites all categories to one power!! A day which gives hope to future world!! A day proved that youth r more than what v think.!! A day which gives the faith that ladies and kids r very safe in this young crowd & […]

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SVHP Apartment Team’s

It was speechless to see our future nation standing in the rain holding the shelter for the crowd. Dear all kindly share the hands to arrange something like caps/ shamyanas/ raincoats. Better it should b helpful for both in sun and rain. Because of yday rain some medical help also may b needed. Our SVHP […]

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Dear all!! Let us take pride that our coimbatore youth and kids have taken this great initiative to recover the city from deforestation and to set an example to country. Let us join our hands with them for this noble cause and I feel there won’t b a better mass record than this to make […]

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Coimbatore VRF

VRF from Coimbatore has extended hands to more than 30,000 beneficiaries* VRF from Coimbatore has extended hands to more than 30,000 beneficiaries of Tuticorin sofar with 6 consignments. 6th consignment with 6 lakh worth rice and grocery items were dispatched recently. Ponni rice 3500 kg and grocery kits with 20 essential items for 1 week survival […]

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Delta Affect areas

Dear Delta! Don’t loose the hope! We are getting ready for u! 5 districts! Hundreds of villages! Thousands of cattle! Lakhs of people! We can’t fight with nature. But we can feed a stomach! We can refeed someone who fed the whole nation so far! We can lift one roof! Let each one take care […]

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Kind hearts and helping hands

Dear all Thanks a lot for every bit of ur support and efforts for this mission. Hats off to all the commandos on field. Extremely energetic team. 1000 families were supported with all ur contributions. Many fishermen families got benefitted. Following villages were covered. 1. Sokkanathapuram 2. Othakadai 3. Koodalivayal 4. Pallathur 5. Kollukkadu camp […]

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Protect Nilgiris population from this disaster

Protect the Nilgiris population from this disaster with the mission of zero casualty.   It was really an amazing journey. So many landslides which v never have witnessed like this. Kudos to RDO and team who have done extraordinary and proactive measures to protect Nilgiris population from this disaster with the mission of zero casualty.

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Award of Honour

Award of Honour Dedicating this to my parents and teachers. Thanking my backbone PS Rajan for the motivation and freedom. Sharing this honour with my team ELCE and VRF. Feeling privileged to be honored by such a great team and the chief guests Deputy Commissioner sir and DFO sir with so many great hearts… Thank […]

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Installation of Solar water heater

Solar water heater – 300Ltrs Solar water heater capacity of 300Ltrs has been installed in Muttathuvayal Tribal Residential High School, Ikkarai Boluvampatti Village, Coimbatore where 98 kids are studying. Hearty thanks for joining hands with ELCE Medical Foundation for this noble cause our dear respectable supporters Mr Jayachandran sir, Mr Kumar sir, Mr Ramkumar sir, […]

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47th Free Screening Endoscopy camp

47th Free Screening Endoscopy Camp   Successfully conducted our *47th Free Screening Endoscopy camp* at Perur Santhalinga Adigalar Arts and Science College with ARAM (All Religious Affinity Movement) and Perur Aatheenam. Hundreds of people benefitted from free Endoscopy, colposcopy, consultation and counselling by the ELCE Hospital medical team headed by Dr Rajan and Dr VidhyaRajan. […]

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VRF Contributions Towards valparai village

VRF, Handed Over Our Contributions of 1,41,000 On behalf of VRF, handed over our contributions of 1,41,000/- towards Tribal Shelter support for one Valparai village today to our Collector. Thanks a lot to all the supporters who made this possible. Handed over 50 shirts donated by Mr Chelladurai sir of VRF from his showroom towards […]

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2023- 24 Chennai flood support by VRF

*VRF (Virtual Rescue Force) dispatched 1st consignment to Chennai successfully in 24 hours with so many great hearts supports and contributions.*. This is every drop from hundreds of sources. Together hundreds of hands made this contribution very special. Heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who made this possible. Proud moment that SVHP played a major […]

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Chennai Flood Relief Force is a Whats up group created by Elce Medical Foundation’s Founder Trustee Dr. Vidhya Rajan with 100 members in it around the world coordinated and worked together in many rescues and post flood rehabilitation during and after Chennai rains and flood in the beginning of December 2015.

In this VRF through network anybody can access the available databases, volunteer resources, emergency rescue operations assistance, basic trainings on Life Support, Water, fire, earthquake disasters management from the Virtual Rescue Force Team Experts. There is facebook page created with the above name can be viewed by anyone and they can be a volunteer, provider, resource person. Trainer or victim. This Virtual rescue force is a connecting platform between the resources, volunteers and Victims. Through this its expected that technology can b used very effectively during disasters by uniting the youth power.