ELCE (Endoscopic Laparoscopic Center of Excellence) is another name for professionalism.

Dr. P.S. Rajan is the Chairman of Endoscopy and Laparoscopic Center of Excellence (ELCE).

ELCE Medical Foundation proposes to reach the rural and urban areas of Coimbatore through this unique project.

We at ELCE always want to put our patients first as they are our service receivers.

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A healthy outside starts from the inside.❞ says Robert Urich

ELCE (Endoscopic Laparoscopic Center of Excellence) is another name for professionalism. ELCE Hospitals in Coimbatore Having evolved from two decades of experience, expertise, and commitment in the field of Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgery, ELCE Hospitals specializes in Laparoscopic surgeries and Therapeutic Endoscopies.

ELCE Hospitals in Coimbatore Specializes in 24-hr/day-care laparoscopic solutions for any complicated, longstanding and recurrent hernia, gall bladder and appendicectomy. The problem of obesity is tackled with world class bariatric procedures at ELCE along with follow up, counseling, motivation and advice, which aid in weight loss and therefore rectify related problems such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiac arrest.



patient first

Patient First

We at ELCE Hospitals in Coimbatore always want to put our patients first as they are our service receivers.

❝A patient is the most important person on our premises. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.❞

– Mahatma Gandhi

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We strive hard to have our Medical practice with integrity.

❝Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.❞

– Oprah Winfrey

work team

Team Work

We comprise of experienced multidisciplinary professionals who are experts in the corresponding fields and willing work as a team for the betterment of patient as our focus of priority.

❝Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.❞

– Helen Keller



ELCE (Endoscopic Laparoscopic Center of Excellence) is another name for professionalism. Having evolved from two decades of experience, expertise, and commitment in the field of Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgery, ELCE Hospitals in Coimbatore specializes in Laparoscopic surgeries and Therapeutic Endoscopies. With the aim of providing the best of service, through quality/evidence-based methods, utmost importance is placed on the care of patients to ensure a holistic outcome.

Strengths of ELCE

  • First Surgeon In World To Perform NOTES (A), (C)
  • First In South India To Perform POEM
  • 10 Years Of Teaching Experience In Laparoscopy
Dr. P S Rajan - MS., FACS, FICS, FMAS., DNB

- Chairman, Chief laparoscopic surgeon & interventional Endoscopist, ELCE Clinics

Founder Trustee
ELCE Medical Foundation

Dr. Vidhya Rajan - MBBS., DA.,

- Managing director, Anaesthesiologist, ELCE clinics

Founder Trustee
ELCE Medical Foundation


Why Choose ELCE Hospitals in Coimbatore

ELCE Hospitals in Coimbatore 24-hr/day-care laparoscopic solutions for any complicated, longstanding and recurrent hernia, gall bladder and appendicectomy.

Treating uterine and ovarian diseases, cancers and other gynecological issues through advanced laparoscopic techniques.

ELCE Laparoscopic gastro enterologist

Free Endoscopy Screening has been conducted for over 6700 individuals in a span of 30 months.

ELCE Hospitals in Coimbatore, Advanced therapeutic endoscopy like both laparoscopic holecystectomy with ERCP is done in one sitting under anesthesia. Hence patient recovery is fast with minimal hospital stay.


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    Mr.Denis Charles

    I just came with abdominal pain. After scan Doctor said that my gall bladder has swelling and I have to undergo emergency surgery. I was not having all my insurance related documents ready.but with the available documents the staffs have processed insurance very quickly. Treatment went very well. Doctors and staffs supported a lot. I am thankful to Dr. Rajan as he guided us very properly. I thank god for given a chance to meet Dr. Rajan and team so that I am alive today without any health problem.

    doctor user man

    Dr Padmanabhan

    I met Dr.P.S.Rajan chairman. Elce for a personal consultation. I had a problem of inguinal hernia and I was a bit scared to undergo open surgery in my late seventies. Dr Raman assured me that the hernia can be repaired with laparoscopic surgery with least pain and discomfort and I immediately got it done. Just 48 he’s after the surgery I was Abel to walk freely with in the house and garden .My message is that anyone who has similar or any other problem which can be rectified with laparoscopy surgery can utilize the expertise of Dr Rajan. He is very clear about the case he undertakes and does a perfect job with his swift hands. He is very simple and kind and I have no word’s to express my gratitude and thanks to him. I can say with confidence that you are safe in his hands once you enter his clinic.

    doctor user man

    Mr krishnamoorthy

    One can believe Dr. Rajan in all the aspects. I trust 100% in the treatments he provides. I feel much satisfied even if I see or talk to him for a while. I got treated at gem hospital under Dr. Rajan in 2013 after that I tried to meet him several times but since he has moved out and I was not able to get proper information from that hospital. Again now in 2016 I had severe pain and in a huge confusion about where to undergo treatment. Luckily I came to know Dr. Rajan practices in elce clinics and I met him few days ago. I could felt my mind going relaxed and very happy. Now after my ercp i am very much fit enough. Thanks for the comfort and care from Dr. Rajan and his staffs.

    doctor user man

    Mr Prabhu

    Mr.Raman is one of the best dr ever compared overseas Dr is humble and the IQ and caliber level is finaminal gem hospital should not use drs name.if so they have to pay for his name only! Dr.should move from this clinic n to open a new hospital I m sure that he is surrounded by positive vibration people around So no worries about revenue success I will strongly recommend Dr.Raman for all of my surroundings at all times# no comments thumps up/ difficult to see good people humaniraty like Dr.Raman.

    doctor user man


    He made me very comfortable and relaxed before and after surgery. He is very courteous and polite to the patient. Staff at elce clinic is very polite as well. Dietician gives us a good suggestions on what to be taken for regular healthy life. Insurance claim was done on a smooth way. thanks very much. I recommend Elce for my friends and relatives.


    Initially when I came to know that I have had hernia I was so scared about undergoing surgery. After consultations with many hospitals I came to elce. Dr. Rajan gave a detailed description about my problem and solution also I was shown some of the same hernia surgery videos. I had faith that doing surgery from elce will be the best because of his experience and way of approach. The staffs are also very caring and empathetic in nature. I highly recommend Elce clinics for hernia surgeries.

    doctor user man


    Doctor was very polite and caring in his approach. After surgery he explained us with the surgery images taken inside operation theatre with step by step surgery stages. The stay was just one day. We were very comfortable with the total hospital team. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rajan for hernia related surgeries.

    doctor user man


    I had stomach pain for more than 5 years. When I met a doctor for that he said I may have hernia for which my naval should be removed. As I was not satisfied with that opinion I met a surgeon in a private hospital. He said unclear opinion and asked me to undergo laparoscopy surgery to find out the cause for pain. Then with lot of confusions I got referred to elce clinics by my close friend. After thorough examination Dr. Rajan very clearly said pain is because of appendix problem. Then I underwent surgery a week ago. Today my review day my abdomen is extremely well with no pain.. I am very comfortable now. There may be many surgeons and gastro specialists across Coimbatore. But I felt elce is one of best centres among it. Anyone having these kind of abdomen issues can step into Dr.rajans clinic with full confidence and you are really in safe hands as mentioned in the clinic. I am recommending elce with my whole heart for any kind of abdomen issues.


    I came to elce for hernia laparoscopy surgery a month ago. when i met Dr. Rajan he said it can be done with less than 24 hours stay as inpatient. It was hard believe the statement where in other hospitals the surgeons say atleast 2-3 days stay required for umbilical hernia surgery. But after surgery i got discharged in 19hours. So since i got admission till i get discharged total stay was just less than a day. It was a miracle that too with very less pain and excellent recovery. I liked the hospitality and expertise of the surgeon’s hands very much. For anyone who has hernias can trust elce and Dr. Rajan for definite solutions.


    Mr.Dr.Rajan is very great and nice doctor. I am really completely satisfied with his treatment.

    doctor user man

    Bindhu Rajendran

    Elce clinics is the best for gastroenterology treatments in Coimbatore. The doctors n the staff were very friendly. I’m very much satisfied with the treatment. The sisters were very cooperative and very polite especially ms.vidya was did her duty with a smiling face.

    Naveen JD

    Dr. Rajan is the best Gastrointestinal doctor in Coimbatore area. Super accurate with his diagnosis.I have visited the doctor for myself and for multiple family members. The staff is well organized and kind. Overall a very positive experience for any kind of tummy troubles…

    Vishnu Jegan

    Extremely good experience with the ELCE hospital in Coimbatore. The doctors are polite and humble to the patients. The surgery was done with the utmost care and we had a speedy recovery. Dr. Rajan and Dr. Kadeeja were true gems and they took us through the entire treatment with a friendly approach. Undoubtedly best place for gastro and gyne treatments.


    Doctor P S Rajan is highly skilled. He Listens and understands to the patient’s problem and explains the issue clearly to the patient. His supporting staffs are very friendly and understanding and took care of me and my son very well. Especially Dr. Saranya and Dr.Vidhya took care of my son very well. Thank you ELCE.

    Hema Shaker

    Came to know about ELCE CLINIC from google review….with little hope visited the clinic for External Hemorrhoids & Fissure…condition was painful &with slight bleeding it would not respond to home remedies which i have been doing for past 20yrs…after basic examination Doctor recommended for Endoscopy to overrule any complications… Dr.P.S .Rajan (so gentle )suggested surgery ..he gave me confidence to be back to normal in 48hrs ..so went the surgery all went well..best part Dr.Senthil Anesthetist did NOT go for a regional anesthesia (injecting in spine ) nor General anesthesia ..its a kind of new technique…when i came back conscious it was smooth…thanks DOC  Nurses(Especially Indirani & Saranya they are the best) , Staff very friendly & kind ,very Hygienic rooms and rest room  Now for the1st Review …..met my Surgeon Dr.P.S.Rajan with loads of question in my mind… believe me He is such a good soul …cleared & explained all my doubt with not just patience but with SMILE & Care…a very busy   Surgeon Huge Respect for you Doctor..Thank you Doctor …May God be with with you always.  Thank you .DR.V .Kandhasamy & Dr.M.Karthick for your Diagnosis.  Hope more people get benefited by these wonderful team


    5 years after my fundoplication surgery i edited this. As i am residing at singapore, i cant able to continue with dr rajan. I am presently following up with a gastro dr.eric wee here in singapore. He did a scope here to check my present status. After the scope he said your surgeon did your surgery in india is really wonderful and your fundoplication was not very tight or very loose. Its really perfect. Thank you once again for your great job doctor.

    ELCE Video


    Gastroenterology is the study of the normal function and diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and liver.