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Endo-gyne Clinics

Uterus Removal Surgery, A woman is a wonderful creature who carries the fetus in the womb for ten months and introducing a new life to this world. It is know that she is reborn during every child birth. Like child birth in every period of life time she is prone to get affected by various gynecological diseases as well. Among this the diseases occurring in the uterus is verily noticed now often. There is no need to get scared about this if treated on time and can be resolved completely. We can assure laparoscopic procedure is a boon for uterine treatments.

Since months after her birth till long after her menopause uterine disorders continue. Currently in medical practice we have hysteroscopy & laparoscopy for uterine disease treatments.

Important gynecological symptoms need immediate attention:

  • Delayed conception
  • Fellopian tube blocks
  • Congenital uterine anomalies / malformations
  • Severe bleeding
  • Anaemia
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Post menopausal bleeding & white discharge
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Blood clots
  • Initial stage cancers
  • History of cancer to mother or sibling
  • Obesity associated menstrual problems

Uterus Removal Surgery

A hysterectomy is a surgical treatment to remove the womb (uterus). After uterus removal surgery, you’ll no longer be able to get pregnant. Many women are having a hysterectomy.

Any of these are found it is always advisable to approach a well experienced Doctor without late.

Predominantly menstrual cycle with heavy bleeding, fibroids, intial stage cancers, (benign) non cancer cysts, endometriosis can be easily treated by laparoscopy as day care procedure.

These kind of heavy bleeding leads to anaemia & infectious diseases. Laparoscopic uterine & ovarian surgeries can be easily performed even if a woman would have undergone 2 – 3 cesarian sections in the past. Few hours after the procedure she can have her nice time with her family at home.

The uterus removal surgery can be performed in several ways. But all the methods require a general or local anaesthetic. The general anaesthesia drug makes you fall asleep throughout the surgery whereas the local anaesthesia will allow the body below the waistline to become numb during the uterus removal surgery. But you will remain awake in the case of local anaesthesia.

Abdominal Uterus Removal Surgery:

During abdominal uterus removal surgery, surgeons make a large cut in the abdomen to remove the uterus. The cut can be made in a horizontal or vertical slit. In this case of surgery both the types need time to heal or recover.  They also leave a scar on the body.

Vaginal Uterus Removal Surgery:

During this type of surgery, the doctor removes the uterus through a small incision in the vagina portion. In this kind of surgery, there won’t be any external cut or scar on the body.


During the laparoscopic surgery, a tiny instrument called a laparoscope is used to remove the uterus. The laparoscope is a long tiny tube with a high-intensity light and a high-resolution camera at front side. A small incision is made in the abdomen part of the body to locate the uterus through a laparoscope. Three or four small incisions are made rather than piercing a large cut. Once the surgeon located the uterus by this procedure then they cut the uterus into small pieces and removes one at a time.

Advantages of Laparoscopy:

  • Generally complications happening followed by major abdominal open surgeries like intestinal adhesions to scars and intestinal obstructions will not happen with laparoscopy.
  • Moreover in laparoscopy treatment with small key hole in the body we can get painless & scarless cure. Patient can go back to routines in 1 – 2 days after surgery.
  • Very less chances for getting incisional hernia.

It is possible to excise any size of cyst in laparoscopy key hole surgery because of the enormous growth of medical science in recent days.

It is possible to combine more than one treatment procedures for example uterine treatment combined with bile stones, hernia, weight loss surgeries. Women should not ignore even a single time bleeding in post menopausal stage which can be a only symptom for initial stage cancer. ELCE serves to the society with its world class technology, 20 years experienced medical expertise team & very latest laparoscopy equipments.

How much does Hysterectomy or Uterus removal surgery cost in India?

The average cost of hysterectomy or uterus removal surgery in India is approximately Rs. 70000 to 90000. However, the prices may vary depending on the surgery treatment.