Leading the Way in Scarless Endoscopy: 28 Years of Laparoscopic Excellence in Asia

Leading the Way in Scarless Endoscopy: 28 Years of Laparoscopic Excellence in Asia

    Where Compassionate Care Meets Clinical Excellence

    About us

    At ELCE (Laparoscopic Center of Excellence), we redefine healthcare by prioritizing evidence-based methods and patient-centric care. With a focus on holistic outcomes, we deliver the best possible service to every individual who walks through our doors.

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    Treatments We Offer


    Comprehensive treatment for various types of hernias, including inguinal, umbilical, and hiatal hernias, using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques.

    Acidity Management

    Holistic approaches to managing acidity and related gastrointestinal issues to alleviate symptoms and improve overall digestive health.

    GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) Treatment

    Advanced treatment options to effectively manage GERD, including lifestyle modifications, medication, and minimally invasive surgical procedures.


    Personalized treatment plans to address acid reflux and related symptoms, focusing on reducing discomfort and improving quality of life.

    Piles Treatment

    Don’t let piles disrupt your life. Our proctology experts offer advanced treatments and compassionate care to help you regain comfort and well-being.

    Fibroid Management

    Experience personalized care for fibroids at ELCE. Our gynecology specialists provide advanced treatments, including minimally invasive procedures, ensuring you receive the best possible care for fibroid management.

    Infertility Solutions

    Comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plans for couples struggling with infertility, including laparoscopic surgery to address underlying conditions affecting fertility.

    Uterus Cancer Treatment

    treatment approaches for uterine cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, tailored to each patient’s specific needs and preferences.

    Why Choose Us

    Expert Care: Our skilled and experienced healthcare team is dedicated to providing personalized and complete care, whether it’s a regular check-up or a complex surgery. We’re here for you at every step of your healthcare journey.


    Advanced Technology: At ELCE, we use the latest medical technology to ensure precise diagnoses and effective treatments. We invest in innovation to give you the best possible results.


    Approach: Your comfort and satisfaction matter most to us. We create a caring and understanding environment, making sure you feel supported throughout your treatment.



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    Our Client Reviews

    Ranjitha Das KPRanjitha Das KP
    11:50 06 Mar 24
    I'm truly blessed that I've taken treatment from ELCE. 9 Days before I underwent surgery for thrombosed haemorrhoids.I had the 🍀BEST EXPERIENCE with ELCE. One of my well wishers referred this hospital to me. On a Tuesday I reached the hospital around 11am with severe pain.Even though it was not an OP day, Doctor Rajan had given me a few minutes to check up.He immediately recommended surgery. That was too quick and the entire process was well coordinated. After all the tests and pre surgical care, around 6pm i underwent surgery. The next morning at 11am i got discharged after the post surgical care.A hospital phobic person like me almost felt like being at home. They explained every single detail so that we could feel relaxed.🍀DOCTOR RAJAN is a genuine empathetic and a skilled doctor I have ever met.From the first day of check up till post surgery check up, he has ensured to unlock every single fear of mine.Thank you for being such an amazing doctor and an awesome human🙏🏼The word anesthesia sounded horrible to me until I met Dr. SENTILNATHAN. Thank you Dr. for unlocking that fear for me.The entire team of doctors were very helpful and kind throughout the surgery.The entire 🍀STAFF (Administrative, Clinical..,) of the hospital were so empathetic. The patience and the kindness they show towards each patient is commendable.From 🍀RECEPTION to 🍀MEDICALS, I wish I could mention each one of their names, all were very helpful.Even though it's crowded, every patient is being attended and guided with so much empathy. And that's really appreciable.It wouldn't be easy for me if the super professional & very empathetic 🍀NURSES were not around me. In that severe pain, those guys showed up with wings and halo. The pre & post surgery period wasn't easy without your guidance and care.Thanks to each one of you for showing the utmost care and patience.The room cleaning staff were also too kind and helpful.🙏🏼I couldn't find a single thing which made me or my family feel bad regarding anything at ELCE!❤️The professionalism, dedication, attention to every single detail of the patient, patience and of course their empathy are just beyond words, couldn't be explained.🤝🏼🙏🏼I'm 🧿healthily healing with zero worries heading up with my normal routine as Dr. Rajan assured us. 🙏🏼Their 🍀CHARGES FOR THE TREATMENT are very nominal for the excellent service they are providing. I consider it as a blessing from God for directing me to this hospital.Thank you guys for existing and keep up the great service you do 🙏🏼🙏🏼If anyone is seeking proper and best medical treatment, ELCE is the right place!👍🏼
    06:11 06 Mar 24
    Had stomach pain for almost an year, I will be normal once pain starts, it will be unbearable.Went to many hospital but nothing worked,Dr. Rajan is our family friend, went to him as soon he examined, he told me I have a hernia along with a cyst and other related problems,Asked to get admitted that evening, next day he operated, third day I was discharged and came home.Three months gone, and that unbearable pain also gone, I am very happy now.Day 1 to day 3 everything thing was hassle free, being insurance claim or taking care of patient, every one did a good job.I'd also thank Dr. Revathi who is knowledgeable and caring.Surely recommended to others.
    Abhul WadudAbhul Wadud
    07:57 26 Feb 24
    Best hospital for hernia surgery and doctors nurses are very kind.Thank you so much Docter and team.....
    07:53 23 Feb 24
    Kousalya KumarKousalya Kumar
    06:20 22 Feb 24
    Last week my aunt underwent laparoscopic procedure at ELCE hospital......the doctors were too friendly and good quality of treatment....she was fine by next day and got discharged
    Arvind SubramanianArvind Subramanian
    02:55 15 Jan 24
    Dec 23- We had a very good experience in ELCE Hospitals in all aspects/ process of treatment ( Umbilical Hernia). Details below.1. Getting an appointment and OPD process was seamless, very less waiting time, reasons for tests were clearly explained, tests conducted quickly, results interpreted by respective specialists, proper management, and very less waiting time.2. Doctor Rajan is extremely skilled in his area, approachable, genuine, warm, empathetic, detailed in his explanation, quick on flawless execution. While we had gone only for an OPD, post evaluation of tests for my mother ( detailed above), and knowing we were coming from out of town, he immediately recommended a long overdue surgery. He had the staff allocate rooms and other necessary requirements ( anesthesia process, hernia surgery related processes) done in a very seamless manner. He was very assuring about the whole process.3. Pre-process to the surgery was very efficient. Post the surgery, Dr. Rajan explained in detail what the entire surgery through the video recordings of the surgery , the problem, the intervention, and the fix. This aspect to my mind was one the best things that I have encountered. He explained the complicated process of the 3-hour odd surgery in such a simple manner that even a 5 old could have understood and that too immediately after finishing the long surgery ! The almost 3 decades of his deep experience in this field completely came in the ease with which he had done this complex surgery and in that conversation of 5 minutes !!4. The staff and the rest of the team including Dr. Karthik ( Consultant Surgeon) and Dr. Senthilnathan ( Anesthesiologist) were efficient, caring, very empathetic, fully knowledgeable and the whole pre and post process and surgery went off in a perfect manner.5. Ms. Nithya who handled the documentation / billing / insurance process/ was highly efficient in her job and guided through the process very well. All the other nursing and pharmacy staff were empathetic, knowledgeable in respective their areas.6. The place worked like a clockwork and the entire process was well coordinated. And we were discharged the very next day on 30th Dec.7. The recovery process was just exactly as the doctor had predicted, my mother is feeling much better, pain is reducing and well on her road to recovery.8. Our special thanks to Dr.Rajan, Dr. Karthik, Dr. Senthilnathan and the entire staff and team at ELCE for the great experience.9. I would seriously recommend Dr. Rajan and ELCE hospitals for anyone who is suffering from any form of Gastro and Gynac care.
    Vaishnavy 12 A2Vaishnavy 12 A2
    13:09 12 Jan 24
    I'm truly pleased to share my experience 15 days after my mom's treatment.My mom underwent a laparoscopic procedure for the removal of her uterus before 15 days in elce hospital. The care from Dr. Revathi, Dr. Savitha, and Dr. Rajan was excellent, like being part of a caring family. They explained everything, making the operation less worrisome. Now, my mom is feeling better, just as they assured us. We're incredibly satisfied with the doctors' care and the successful operation. The nurses were also sweet and kind, providing excellent care.I highly recommend them for anyone seeking top-notch healthcare.Thank you
    Just GuessJust Guess
    15:39 05 Jan 24
    I am selvarani and December 2023 I had done my hysterectomy. Thank you so much to the entire team. They treated me like one of their family member. My fears were completely overcome.Dr. Revathi mam, Dr. Savitha mam are really great. Love you mam.They respond my all questions (including silly). They took care me. I don't feel like I am in hospital.Dr. Rajan sir thankyou so much sir.Your way is amazingAll the nurses are good and be patient. Mr. Muthuraj, Miss Saranya and 2 more nurses( forgot their names)cared me. And room keepers also done their job perfectly and neatly.Thankyou so much once again.Compare with some hospitals some doctors be like army officers also they are not explained well.But here they are all good seriously I don't know how to express.

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